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Seek a new type of therapy when you work with Music Therapy for all Ages. Music therapy is a dynamic and creative intervention designed to help the client achieve health;  musical experiences and the relationships that develop through them create a dynamic force of change.  With music therapy, we provide an opportunity for improvisational  playing of instruments in order to connect on a musical  rather then  verbal level. Neuropathways are generated through music that would not be generated through verbal interaction and they help to enhance development. Music therapy addresses emotional, psychological, or physical disabilities using music.  The most popular use of music therapy is in the area of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, working with any of the characteristic behaviors associated with autism.  Here, children on the autistic spectrum  express themselves much more readily by playing an instrument (i.e. a drum) than using verbal skills; they positively interact more readily with another (the therapist playing the piano) than they do with conversation.

However, music therapy is appropriate for anyone seeking to work on self esteem, social interaction, anxiety, depression, addiction, developmental delay, or any other area where a therapeutic interaction may aid the client.  Success is woven into the experience of music therapy, bringing with it a rising of self esteem and confidence for the client. 

Music instruction, with an expertise in piano teaching, is also provided.  Piano lessons taught by  a music therapist offer an opportunity to learn while building strengths and self esteem.  Piano lessons focus on providing enjoyable, successful experience in learning.  Students are met at their own level, and strengths and problem areas are evaluated in order to provide productive instruction.  Adult beginners benefit from this service as well, as any anxiety about starting something new in adulthood is understood.  Our owner has more than 20 years of experience in this industry and has been published in the journal of Arts & Psychotherapy. Contact our music therapist, Sheri Kandel, RMT, MCAT in Westfield, New Jersey, for professional music therapy and piano lessons.

We offer a very warm and inviting atmosphere that is safely contained. We work individually with each client and have separate areas with televisions and reading materials while you wait. The music room has 2 keyboards, a karaoke machine, drums, and a variety of rhythm instruments along with 2 guitars.


We Offer Individualized  Piano Lessons for Special Needs Clients


Contact Sheri Kandel, our music therapist in Westfield, New Jersey, for professional music therapy and piano lessons treating adults and children with specail needs including autism.

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